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Who we are


LSfLT was formed in 1996 when the founder first began working with young people referred by the police.

The programme was initially set up for one thing – to supply labour to meet the needs of the forest industry sector that required skilled workers. Over the years, employment has proven to be a successful deterrent to those at-risk of offending or reoffending (Skardhamar, 2012). The LSfLT programme has developed into more than an employment scheme. It has seen young men from a variety of backgrounds offered positive
support to change and move away from offending behaviour. The programme has offered an intervention to try to address these needs and behaviours of the young men referred. The programme seems to have been constantly evolving to meet the needs of young people referred and offer each young person the opportunity to be assisted and supported in such a way that it will bring about some degree of positive change for trainees.